Formula Student Competition

Students design a single-seat Formula One-style car that they can use to compete against international teams. The team with the best overall package of design, performance, financial, and sales planning wins the international design competition rather than just the team with the fastest car. 

Formula Student pushes its team members to go above and beyond in their education by integrating real-world building and manufacturing experience with a close examination of the economics of the automotive sector. Groups assume the role of a manufacturer working on a prototype that will be considered for mass production. Excellent handling, braking, and acceleration qualities are required of the vehicle. It ought to be dependable and available at a very affordable price. In addition, other elements like comfort, style, and the use of easily accessible, standard purchase components raise the car's market value. 

The teams must create a comprehensive package comprising a well-designed single-seated formula-style car and an appropriate sales plan that aligns with the specified criteria. The decision is made by a jury consisting of experts from the motorsport, automotive, and supplier industries. The jury will evaluate each team's car and sales plan, considering factors such as construction, cost planning, and sales presentation. The remaining evaluation will take place on the track, where students will showcase the performance of their self-constructed cars through various tests that simulate real-world conditions.

Static Events

Design Event 

Business Event 

Cost Event 

Dynamic Events


Skid Pad 



Trackdrive (opt. DV)